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Our next exercise is the ANCHORED BACK EXTENSION! Begin lying face down with your elbows bent and hugged into your rib cage. Keep your knees on the ground and lift your feet 6 inches off the floor. Flex your ankles … Read More

Foundation February: Leg Tracing – COMMON MISTAKE
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Leg Tracing: COMMON MISTAKE! Leg Tracing is a great way to activate your adductors, or inner thigh muscles, while lengthening the piriformis. To accomplish this, your knee MUST remain across your body’s midline throughout the exercise. You do NOT want … Read More

Foundation February: LEG TRACING
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Next up, we’re incorporating Leg Tracing! This exercise is excellent for sciatic nerve pain, or simply to balance out the muscles in your legs. Begin on your back with your legs stretched out, knees unlocked, just enough so you can … Read More