Chiropractic is an essential part of living a good, healthy lifeChiropractic is an essential part of living a good, healthy life. I believe it is not the only part, but I see it being an essential role is someone’s healing and path to wellness.

Just as we should eat well, exercise, sleep well and drink lots of water to hydrate…. We should also have a healthy alignment and make sure proper motion is restored throughout the spine. This is what I believe to be lacking in today’s message of health and wellness.

With so much information related to healthy living, I don’t see enough that relates to taking care of your spine and nerve system. Your spine is protecting your very lifeline, that system in your body that is coordinating and controlling all other systems.  This nerve system is surrounded by 24 moveable bones in the spine. These bones need to move for a reason. It’s not for nothing that Chiropractic began 100’s of years ago to help us keep these bones in motion!

The adjustment is the art of gently creating motion and allowing the spine to be restored to its normal, proper alignment. This allows better communication from the brain down through the nerve system to all organs, joints and tissue of the body. Because the body is actually designed to be well, healing can then be restored.