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Foot Pain to Strong Flexible Feet.


Every now and then I have a day/week/month where everyone is asking me the same question over and over. Well, this was the week of foot pain.  Many people coming in with pain in the heels, pain across the top of the foot, pain at the bottom of the foot, worse in the morning, worse in the evening, worse during pregnancy….bottom line is “I have foot pain” seems to be the common complaint.


Sometimes I wonder if it’s not just that time of the year or a certain time in someone’s life: a time of transition. Moving from spring into summer (or at least trying to here in Vancouver), changing schedules, fluctuating income, kids in camps, kids at daycare, a baby on the way (and in this case an extra 20-50 pounds)…the point is, summer time or transition times are not easy breezy for everyone. Could it be that some of us are scared to move forward? Apprehensive of putting one foot in front of the other?  Simply worried about what’s next?? Maybe some of this emotional stress is settling in our feet….preventing smooth forward movement?


The body has interesting ways of talking to us!


However, the pain is there. It’s real. Of course I will say, please make sure your spine and pelvis are well adjusted first. A chiropractor can also check the foot, the ankle, the knee, and the hips all the way up to the top bone in the neck to ensure that the body is working right. Most foot problems will go away with a well adjusted spine. I also tend to love soaking feet in a bowl of hot Epsom salts water. Very relaxing!


But, while I was on Facebook early one morning (yes, I do that sometimes), I came across these amazing foot strengthening exercises. So, there you go. NO more excuses. Get to work. Get adjusted, get your daily foot exercises in and drink lots of water! And don’t forget to let me know once you’ve tried these exercises, how much better your feet feel! Strong, flexible feet feel great!



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